Via Arxentea

After almost 15 years of working in cellars and vineyards in Galicia, Manuel Guerra Justo decided to break off and focus on making small production artisanal wines. He brought in well-known Enologist Álvaro Bueno to make the wines and now currently owns 3.5 acres of vineyards within the DO of Monterrei, just outside of Verin. They make a mere 1,200 cases annually of their Godello and Treixadura cuvee with an additional 700cs small project just beginning from their young Mencía vines. Both wines are made from only estate bottled fruit, fermented by indigenous yeasts and harvested by hand.

When the grapes arrive to the winery, the must undergoes a cold maceration (46 degrees F) of whole destemmed grapes for 6-8 hours, then pressed and left to settle out the lees in a process known in Monterrei as “Trabajo de Lías.” This process allows the natural fine lees to settle by gravity and be separated from the gross lees. It is then fermented and aged on the fine lees for a few months. There is no oak aging. It is just a pure example of artisanally made Godello from the sandy/clay soils that Moneterrei is so well known for.

The name Vía Arxentea literally translates as “The Silver Route,” the local name for the important pilgrimage route  - El Camino de Santiago – which is nearby and a legendary road in all of Galicia.