Balestri Valda

Balestri Valda’s estate bottled wines are from some of the best basaltic vineyards in the Soave appellation. Legend has it that it was Dante who first called the land “Soave” (meaning sweet, mild, pleasant) and the name was then given to the local wine. To reach the estate, one drives through the medieval town center of Soave, then for several miles up a winding road through woods and olive groves. near the crest one finds the immaculate estate, run by Guido Rizzotto and his daughter Laura and son Luca. Their vineyards are planted to 70% Garganega and 30% Trebbiano, trained in both the traditional pergola method for the old vines (up to 50 years) and guyot for the younger (20 years). The Rizzottos hand-harvest, ferment using native yeasts, use only manure for fertilizer, and apply only copper-sulphate for disease prevention, when needed.

Certified Biodiversity Friend