Cascina del Frate

What does one of the premier young enologists in the Asti area do in his spare time? He puts all his knowledge and experience to work in his own small vineyard, of course. Experimenting with clones of indigenous local varietals such Grignolino, Barbera, Cortese and Moscato to find the ones which thrive in the carlcareous clay and sandy soils of the Asti region. He practices organic farming for no one knows better than he that a wine is really made in the vineyard. He studies methods and techniques which allow for a natural fermentation with minimum interference.

The estate is the 9.5 hectare estate of Cascina del Frate and the enologist is Giorgio Gozzellino. He is the much requested winemaker for many local estates including Cascina Castle’t. While he does not have much free time, he uses what he does have very well.