Campi di Fonterenza

Twin sisters Margherita and Francesca Padovani founded Fonterenza in 1997 on a farm owned by their parents since the 1970's, where the family used to vacation from Milan. The daughters fell  head over heels with the property as adults and started planting vines in 1999.  The estate is now at 4 hectares of high-altitude Sangiovese, surrounded by woods and olive groves. Of their vines, only 1 hectare is used for their Brunello di Montalcino; the rest goes into their Rosso di Montalcino and a younger-vine, stainless steel version called Pettirosso.  The farming has been organic from the beginning, and the sisters, who do everything themselves, now work biodynamically. The cellar work is as minimal as possible. Fermentations are natural in large, mainly Slavonian oak casks; use of sulfur is minimal; aging takes place in a mix of botti, tonneaux and barriques. They make so little wine, so carefully and beautifully, under the radar of reviewers, collectors and tourists; with or without renown, Francesca and Margherita are firmly committed to their individual path in their famous appellation.

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