Great Lakes Distillery

In 2004, Guy Rehorst started Milwaukee’s first distillery since prohibition. Production came on line in 2006. Guy and distiller Doug MacKenzie have released an impressive stream of first-class distilled spirits. Here’s Guy on the GLD website: “Everything is mass–produced these days. Large corporations are filled with cubicle dwellers counting beans. Mom and pop stores have been replaced by megaboxes selling sweat socks made in sweatshops in some country whose name I can’t even pronounce. Even your favorite hooch is being made by robots in huge industrial plants. You deserve better than this. “Well, we’re not going to take it lying down! Great Lakes Distillery is doing it the old– fashioned way: small–batch spirits made with old–world methods. Result? Products with great taste and real personality.” Great Lakes uses premium ingredients, German potstills, and rigorously clean production methods.