Anthony Hammond

With an American father from Chicago and a German mother, Anthony Hammond is at home in two worlds. His wines, however, fit in most everywhere… As a young man being raised in Germany he also spent some important time in Natchez, Mississippi and San Francisco before heading out on his own, returning to Europe and a peripatetic life working in top wine shops and prestigious restaurants. Firmly bitten by the wine bug, yet with no family winemaking history, he chose the ultra-traditional Rheingau as the place to settle down. He began buying vineyard land to farm in 2000. Visit Anthony at his new digs on the banks of the Rhine- in a repurposed warehouse near the train station and ferry terminal- and you might think you had entered a wormhole in the timespace continuum and emerged in Bushwick, and we mean that in a really, really good way: the place resembles a miniature paradise, where small farm animals, fecund vegetation and happy children abound in fairy tale fashion. 

Anthony’s produce ranges from traditionally styled wines to proprietary selections with an emphasis on low sulphur, spontaneous fermentation and long yeast contact. Spraying in the vineyards is biodynamic, and he hopes to be certified soon.


From David Schildknecht,

"Each year I try to visit at least one Rheingau family winery with whose wines I had been unfamiliar as well as one from among this region’s traditional nobility that I have not visited in many years.... Sadly, my forays nearly always end in disappointment; or perhaps it would me more accurate to say that they confirm my sad suspicions. What a delight, then, to have been introduced via samples from his importer to wines from the small estate of Anthony Hammond, who styles himself a “Baverikaner” by birth and upbringing. Over the past fifteen years, he has assembled vineyards well-located in Rüdesheim, while working with purchased fruit for a cash-flow line under the label “Garage Winery.” On the assumption that this estate will be new to most of my readers as it was to me, I have reported below on those wines that reached me a few months ago, all of them are still in the marketplace, even though they are from vintage 2013. I’ll catch up with Hammond’s 2014s and 2015s as well as with him personally when I return to Germany as usual at the end of the summer."