Domaine de la Pépière

"Pioneered by the avuncular Marc Ollivier...., Pépière has been a source for organically farmed, single-vineyard and single-cru bottlings since before anyone knew what those were."     —Jon Bonné, PUNCH, March 2018

Marc Ollivier’s first commercial vintage of Pépière was 1985; his wines were also Denyse Louis and Joe Dressner’s first Loire imports. In the decades since, Ollivier has grown into being the standard-bearer for naturally grown and made Muscadet, a region where historically little consideration was given to chemical-free agriculture, individual terroir expression or the potential ageability of the wines. Pépière’s various sites are rich in granite and gneiss in differing stages of decomposition into sand, clay and rocks; the vines range in age from 20 to over 100 years old. Farming is organic and yields kept low; harvest is by hand (all being quite rare in the region). Long, slow fermentations take place with indigenous yeasts and minimal sulfur. Each wine ages sur lie in underground tank, with extended lees contact for the cru bottlings. Their intensity and complexity defy Muscadet stereotypes—and Ollivier has taken on partners Rémi Branger and Gwénaëlle Croix over the last decade to help ensure that the high Pépière standard is maintained well into the future.

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