Arianna Occhipinti has built a stellar reputation and following around the world with her eponymously named winery; her Occhipinti wines are a celebration of the Vittoria region's terroir and indigneous varietals, farmed and vinified as naturally as possible, but they are not always easily accessible. Together with a few friends, Arianna got the bug to create something local and organic but more within reach for every-day. The first form of Tami' was and remains a quirky, artsy shop in Siracusa, where artisanally made goods, including wines, are featured; one of the founding friends had a nearby vineyard with which to further the mission of providing inexpensive, delicious, naturally made wines. Arianna had the vineyard converted to organic farming, and the Tami' wine label emerged in the 2009 vintage. Though the wines are not made in her Occhipinti cellar, she does oversee the winemaking, which is carried out with only indigenous yeasts, short macerations and aging only in stainless steel. They are approachable in every way, being more readily available, modestly priced and earlier-drinking, delicious versions of three classic Sicilian varieties: Grillo, Frappato and Nero d'Avola. The name " Tami' " is indicative of the communal nature of the project: it's a contraction of "tra amici", meaning "among friends".