Arianna Occhipinti has built a stellar reputation and following around the world with her eponymously named winery; her Occhipinti wines are a celebration of the Vittoria region's terroir and indigenous varieties, farmed and vinified with as little intervention as possible. But they are not always easily accessible given the small production and high demand. Wishing to create something local and organic but more within reach for every-day, Arianna began a collaboration with friends. The name is indicative of the communal nature of the project: it is a contraction of "tra amici" or "among friends". The first step of Tami' was a shop featuring artisanally made local goods (there are now three stores). The second step was the creation of a line of moderately priced and naturally made local wines. The first vintage was 2009.

There are three IGT Sicilia Tami’ bottlings: Grillo, Frappato and Nero d’Avola. One of the founding friends owns vines in the contrada (zone) of Bastonaca near Vittoria and the Occhipinti estate. Arianna helped him convert the farming to organics for these 12 hectares of grapes. The soils and vines are worked by hand. The soils here are quite sandy and tend to yield wines of modest tannins and good acidity. The climate is hot and dry with almost no rain, but the vines are irrigated at most one time during the season to keep the yields down. The harvest is manual. Arianna oversees the winemaking, which is very straightforward: fermentation in concrete and steel tanks with native yeasts; short macerations; approximately six months of aging in tank; and one racking before bottling; minimal use of sulfur.