Terres Falmet

"The first time we (Patrick and Connie Allen) met Yves he quickly took us out to see the most important component of his wines—his vineyards. We drove down a small road into a beautiful valley and looked across at a sweeping hillside of vineyards. We asked which plots were his. He proudly said to our amazement, “The whole hillside.” He owns 25 hectares of contiguous vineyard plots with excellent exposure to the sun. This vineyard was a find. It would have been almost impossible to own or buy a similar vineyard in any other wine region in France. 

The other vignerons in the area, who sell to the local cooperative, had no interest in these steep hillside vineyards because they require too much work. But for Yves Falmet, whose family comes from the Côtes de Bars in Champagne, tending to steep hillside vineyards is just a way of life. To own an entire hillside of prime vineyard property was a dream come true for Yves, and the Languedoc was the region where it became possible. Yves is a young, tall, man who thrives on the hard work required of him. He has a poetic, philosophical, and worldly approach to working his vines and making wine." –Patrick Allen, importer.

Yves Falmet is not interested in becoming certified organic because of the amount of copper sulfites permitted in the vineyards. He prefers to be more strict than the organic certification requires. He uses all natural yeasts and no cellar tricks in making his wine.