Vodka DSP 162

Vodka DSP 162 derives from conversations between Crispin Cain of Tamar Distillery and Ansley Coale of Craft Distillers (as does Russell Henry Gin). Both men thought that there was room for significant improvement in how vodka could be produced by using both traditional and innovative craft methods. Serious experiments started in late April, 2013; Devin Cain, Crispin’s son, took on much of the responsibility for creating the fruit infusions, which took several months of trial and error (shortened by what we had learned from working on fruit- infused gin). The first bottlings were released in January, 2014. Their “straight” vodka is a blend of wheat vodka with a vodka they distill from aromatic wines (riesling, viognier = beautiful flavor). Premium local wine grapes are vinified, then put through a first distillation on the Germain-Robin cognac still. The resulting brouillis is then brought to high proof on a Holstein potstill. The infused bottlings are produced by infusing real (and exotic) fruit into their well-made wheat vodka. (They use wheat because good wheat vodka has a soft & round mouthfeel.) They then blend the infusion into the “straight” vodka. The residue of the fruit in the infusion gives a faint blush to the real-fruit vodkas. Before bottling, the vodka is cold-stabilized and given a slight (polishing) filtration. There may be slight sedimentation in the fruit-infused versions.