Texier, Eric

Eric Texier became a winemaker after a prior career and without any background in vines or wines. As such, his methods developed not from years of schooling, but from his readings, his visiting winemakers around the world, and working in Burgundy with Jean-Marie Guffens at Verget. After giving up the idea of buying vineyards, which was too costly a proposition for a beginner with his ambitions, he started a small negoce where he selected interesting vineyard plots from hard-working farmers who grew the healthy grapes he wanted to buy and vinify. He re-discovered nearly forgotten areas of ancient fame, like Breze`me in the northern Cotes-du-Rhone and the new St.-Julien en St.-Alban, a heretofore unknown plot of ancient Syrah vines on the west bank of the Rhone that had been tended by protestant monks and has never seen artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The wines are vinified in their areas of production, and when they have obtained their AOC, the young wines are transported to Charnay-en-Beaujolais, just north of Lyon, where Eric lives and has recently acquired a wonderful elevage cellar. Exact steps in vinification vary according to the varietals, terroirs and vintages, but the goal is always to provide the grapes, musts and wines with the best environment and intervene as little as possible.


Eric Texier

Vignenvie (Texier) VDT Rose L'Anecdot'hic (Archived) 2011

An unusual rose made from 26 different grape varieties planted in a vineyard just below the town of Charnay. This rose is an act of resistance to the growing urban sprawl of Charnay. Eric and a group of farmers and townspeople convinced the local government of Charnay to exercise their right to buy the land at a low price in exchange for planting vineyards and maintaining the natural quality of the land. As such, the vineyard is maintained using the Fukuoka principle of non-interventionist farming. Numerous varieties were planted using massale selection and the vines are pruned but not trellised or ploughed.

Country: France
Region: Southern Rhône
Producer: Texier, Eric
Product Code DB0523-11