Corton Marechaudes from Chandon de Briailles

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Michele Peters
I was able to visit vineyards with Claude de Nicolay from Chandon de Briailles earlier this summer, and we spent some time in Corton Marechaudes. It's a Grand Cru of Corton that is not as well known as Corton Clos du Roi or Bressandes, probably because there are only three owners and it's one of the smaller climats of Corton with only 4.5 hectares. 
Corton is just north of Beaune and it's easy to spot; it's a big hill with a forest on top. It's a limestone outcropping that is set apart from the main "cote" of the Cote de Beaune or Cote de Nuits. It is a bit of an anomaly in the Cote d'Or as the Grand Crus are named after the hill, rather than attached to a specific village. Three villages have vineyards that are a part of Corton: Aloxe, Ladoix, and Pernand-Vergelesses. Corton is the only place with red Grand Cru in the Cote de Beaune. 
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Marechaudes is a part of the Aloxe commune, which is tiny -- only 100 residents! The vineyards have east/south-east exposure, and Claude explained that there, you begin to see some similarities to the soil you find in the Cote de Nuits; it's very ferruginous (high in iron.)
Chandon de Briailles has 0.4 hectare in Marechaudes, planted in 1974 and 1979. The domaine has been working the parcel by horse since 2012 and avoids using tractors in the vineyard for trimming the vines and for biodynamic treatments. Each vine gets touched and the soil does not get compacted by the weight of the tractor, protecting the microbial life of the soil. 
Corton Marechaudes is located just below Corton Bressandes and the main difference is that it has a slightly deeper topsoil. The soil is red from the iron content, and you find limestone rocks throughout the vineyard. This Grand Cru site and tends to be more open than Bressandes or Clos du Roi in its youth - perfect for those who are not patient to age their grand cru! It has a lot of finesse and a velvety texture with fine tannins. 

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We have a vertical in stock (in limited quantities): 

Chandon de Briailles Corton Les Marechaudes Grand Cru 2015 

Aromatic with red cherry notes and very fine tannins. 
From Meadows: This too manages to be at once very ripe but attractively fresh with its liqueur-like aromas of dark currant, plum, lilac and warm earth. The powerful yet sleek medium weight plus flavors brim with dry extract thanks to the concentrated amount of sappy dry extract that imparts a velvety mouth feel to the hugely long finale. (91-94)
Chandon de Briailles Corton Les Marechaudes Grand Cru 2014 

From Meadows: There is outstanding volume and good phenolic maturity to the round, velvety and overtly powerful middle weight plus flavors that possess a firm core of tannins on the mouth coating, dusty and impressively persistent finish. This is a serious Corton where patience will also be required. (90-93)

Chandon de Briailles Corton Les Marechaudes Grand Cru 2013 

From Meadows: Here the big-bodied flavors are both bigger and richer with fine volume and density before terminating in a velvety, palate coating and muscular finish. This is old school in style but not at all hard or even especially rustic though note well that patience will be required. (90-93)

And a very limited amount of :
Chandon de Briailles Corton Les Marechaudes Grand Cru 2003
**I last tasted this in January and it was quite good. It was full and ripe, but retained freshness on the finish. It still had cherry notes, but the longer it sat in the glass, the more complex layers it revealed.