David Bowler Weighs in on the Future of Natural Wine

David Bowler Weighs in on the Future of Natural Wine
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David Bowler recently participated in a "virtual panel" organized by PUNCH to discuss if and how natural wine can move into the mainstream. The panelists included Lou Amdur, owner of Lou Wine Shop in Los Angeles; Jon Bonné, Senior Contributing Editor, PUNCH; David Bowler, owner of  David Bowler Wine; Chris Brockway, Winemaker and Owner, Broc Cellars; Alice Feiring, wine writer and author of The Dirty Guide to Wine; Helen Johannesen, Wine Director, Animal, Son of a Gun and Helen’s Wines; Rajat Parr, Partner/Proprietor, Sandhi Wines and Domaine de la Côte; and Matthew Rorick, Winemaker and Owner, Forlorn Hope Wines.

The panel discussed where they see natural wine positioned currently, where it may be headed and pitfalls may be associated with it. The roundtable format was well suited for the natural wine movement, multidimensional and free-form as it is.

After tackling questions about natural wine's trajectory towards the mainstream and how winemakers and consumers are thinking about that trajectory, the panel turned to the oft-discussed topic of flaws in natural wine. Jon Bonne expressed a desire for flaws to be dealt with as-such by both winemakers and consumers. Lou Amdur raised the questio of what he considered the more glaring threat to natural wine's quality, uniformity. David Bowler took a Wabi-Sabi approach, which will surprise noone who has worked with him, asking who and what defines a wine flaw, anyway? "We don’t have to love the wines, or even like them, but we need to criticize them for the right reasons—not because they aren’t what we are accustomed to. Personally, I have a high tolerance for so-called flaws, both in friends and in wines." 

We encourage anyone interested in the natural wine movement to read the panel's commentary in full, here: https://punchdrink.com/articles/will-natural-wine-make-it-in-the-mainstr...