Highlights from Punch's Guide to the Second Wave of Summer Rose

Highlights from Punch's Guide to the Second Wave of Summer Rose
Highlights from Punch's Guide to the Second Wave of Summer Rose
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An article about rosé that's actually  worth reading? We were incredulous, too, but the lastest from Jon Bonné sums up all the nonsense that so often accompanies pink-wine writing in a few characteristically pithy lines: "[Rosé] is not a thing that needs our sympathy, our derision or our puppy love. It just is. It’s a wine that is pink, as other wines are white or red. Sometimes it is delicious. Sometimes it sucks." 

Can we get an AMEN?! 

With that out of the way, Bonné moves on to highlighting the best of rosé's "second wave"-- wines that weren't available when the first write-up was published a few months ago. Choice mentions include....

1. ...from the "Teutonic Invasion" category, Weingut Ehmoser's gorgeous, pale Zweigelt rosé is described as, "...spicy (poppy seed) and a bit quieter in its plum fruit, but with a similarly polished texture. In both wines, there’s never more fruit than the acidity can match, so they never come across as sweet." 

2. ...Jean-Paul Brun's direct-press Gamay goodness: "Rosé de Folie" ! As one of the leader's of Beaujolais' quality revolution, it's gratifying to see LDM stalwart Jean-Paul get some well deserved love here. Bonné  writes: "For a while now it’s been possible to find exceptional rosés here, with the complexity that gamay on interesting soils can offer. Jean-Paul Brun is a maestro of the limestone-rich southern Beaujolais, and his Rosé d’Folie, from a mix of younger vines in the crus (granite soils) and old vines in the south (limestone) finds a great chalk-like mineral freshness that adds bite to its dramatic raspberry fruitiness."

3. While not available through us, it's great to see Puzelat-Bonhomme's KO rosé in good company, too.

Read the full article here: http://punchdrink.com/articles/your-guide-second-wave-summer-2017-rose-w...