Harvest 2019 in the EU

Early morning harvest @ Brocard
Early morning in the Brocard vineyards
Sunrise at Champagne Tarlant
Ripe Pinot Noir @ Champagne Tarlant
Plump, ripe Chardonnay @ Champagne Tarlant
Chardonnay grapes @ Chandon de Briailles
Picking @ Mourgues du Gres
The vineyards of Gunderloch
Riesling @ Gunderloch
Team Gunderloch
Der regenbogen @ Borell-Diehl
St Laurent @ Borell-Diehl
Michael Fürst approves of the vintage!
Can't wait to taste this Elbling from Weingut Fürst!
Brückstuck Riesling @ Materie & Schmitt
Regent @ Jan Mattias Klein
Riesling from Koehler-Ruprecht
Weissburgunder from Leiner
Harvest @ Foradori
This spectacular shot of the Foradori landscape brought to you by fog!
Ripe fruit @ Foradori
Picking @ Oltretorrente
In the cellar @ Oltretorrente
Sunrise @ Schiavenza
Nebbiolo @ Schiavenza
Harvest @ Ampeleia
Xarel.lo @ Celler Pardas
Beautiful red grapes @ Cellar Pardas

Enjoy these photos from our producers across Europe!