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Tajinaste"Paisaje de las Islas" Malvasia/Marmajuelo
White Blend from Canary Islands, Spain
A half-n-half blend of Malvasía Aromatica and Marmajuelo. The Malvasía is raised in stainless; the Marmajuelo is raised in French oak for five months. This blend embodies the tropical and volcanic minerality of the Valle de la Orotava zone of Tenerife. THe goal of the “Paisaje de las Islas” project...

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Matias í TorresPieles
White Blend from Canary Islands, Spain
Field blend from a 100 year-old single vineyard (Listan Blanco, Malvasia, Sabro, Vijariego, Gual) with an 8 day maceration in concrete. Raised in old chestnut barrels.