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Noble CoyoteCapón Espadin
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Noble Coyote Capon Espadín is the masterpiece of Maestro Mezcalero Eleazar Brena and is sustainably produced in the village of San Luis Amatlán. Produced using meticulously selected mother maguey that are mature and flowering as indicated by the growth of a “quiote” or flowering stalk.A large...
Noble CoyoteCoyote
from Oaxaca, Mexico
This unique mezcal is made with a variety (karwinskii latrans) that the people in the village of San Luis Amatlán call “Coyote”; it is endemic to the Amatlánes region of Oaxaca, where it is frequently used as a border plant along property boundaries. (As a result, this Coyote agave is considered to...
Noble CoyoteEspadín
Agave from Oaxaca, Mexico
The Espadín agaves for this bottling are cultivated in and around the village of San Luis Amatlán. Espadín is the most common agave used to make mezcal; it matures the quickest and has the highest yield of agaves used for mezcal production (10 kg of agave yields 1 liter of mezcal). The agaves are...
Noble CoyoteJabali
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Mezcal Noble Coyote is one of the few mezcal brands to be able to offer Jabalí mezcal in the United States. Made by maestro mezcalero José Peréz Santiago in the world capital of mezcal itself: the village of Santiago Matatlán in Oaxaca. José is the grandson of Don Tacho, a legend in the mezcal...

Noble CoyoteTobalá
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Mezcal Noble Coyote is a pioneer in the cultivation of Tobalá, which only 15 years ago was only sourced from the wild.Today most of our Tobalá is cultivated in the area around the village of San Luis Amatlán. These cultivated piñas are often two to three times bigger than the average Tobalá that...