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Tue-Boeuf, Clos duCheverny Blanc "La Gravotte"
from Loire, France
70% Fié Gris/30% Chardonnay. NEW.
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duCheverny Rouge "La Caillère" (Pinot Noir)
Pinot Noir from Loire, France
100% Pinot Noir. La Caillère is a 1.35-hectare estate plot of 35-to-40-year-old Pinot Noir vines planted on very deep clay over limestone. The argilo-silex soils are sandy and rocky and in fact the parcel takes its name from caillasse, meaning "hard rocks". The Puzelats farm it organically and...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duCheverny Rouge "La Gravotte"
from Loire, France
95% Pinot Noir/5% Gamay. Named for the site, which roughly translates to "little gravelly one", Gravotte comes from a single 1.2-hectare plot of estate vines in the 35-40-year-old range, planted on particuarly stony, flinty clay-limestone soils; it is organically farmed and harvested by hand. As is...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duVDF "La Guerrerie" (Côt/Gamay)
Côt from Loire, France
90% Côt/10% Gamay. La Guerrerie is an estate parcel named in reference to its history as a battlefield in the Hundred Years' War. It is a flat, clay-rich site co-planted with Côt, aka Malbec, and Gamay in the 1980's. The Puzelats farm it organically and harvest it by hand. As is typical of Tue-...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duVDF "Vin Rouge" (Gamay)
Gamay from Loire, France
100% Gamay. As for their entry-level white Vin Blanc, the Vin Rouge is made with sourced, organically farmed fruit from friends in the Cher Valley (the Puzelats' home turt in the Touraine) as well as in Beaujolais in this vintage. The bunches are kept whole and fermented spontaneously and...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos du VDF Pineau d'Aunis
Pineau d'Aunis from Loire, France
100% Pineau d'Aunis. Pineau d'Aunis is an historical black grape of the Touraine--in the same family with Menu Pineau and its more sophisticated cousin Pineau de la Loire, aka Chenin Blanc--but is a rare bird even here in its native Loire. The Puzelats source tiny quantities of it, mainly from...