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Viejo IndecenteEnsamble Mezcal
Ensamble from Oaxaca, Mexico
100% agave of two varieties: Madrecuishe (40%) and Espadin (60%). Madrecuishe is a special type of agave in that it takes much longer to mature (14 years!) compared with Espadin. It is smaller and lower-yielding than Espadin, and is prized for its silky mouthfeel. Both agave varieties are naturally...
Viejo IndecenteEspadín Mezcal
Espadín from Oaxaca, Mexico
100% agave— specifically, 100% Espadín, or agave angustofilia— naturally harvested in a single vintage after an eight-year growing term. The year and lot number can be found on the back label of each bottle. All grown on the Lucas family farm and distilled on-site. This is a single-village Mezcal (...
Viejo IndecenteMezcal Tepeztate
from Oaxaca, Mexico