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Vivacity SpiritsNative Gin
from Oregon, United States
Redolent in fragrance and flavor due to the array of botanicals; with seventeen (yes, 17!) herbs and spices, most of which are native to the area, and two that they even hand pick.  This is a true reflection of the Oregonian landscape.  
Vivacity SpiritsTraditional Rum
from Oregon, United States
Made using traditional fermentation and distillation recipes and processes; aged for over a year in both bourbon and neutral oak barrels to ensure the smooth flavor that only barrel aging can accomplish.   

Vivacity SpiritsTurkish Coffee Liqueur
from Oregon, United States
Turkish coffee is a centuries-old tradition: it’s a rich, deep, and dark coffee with a little sweetness and spice, sipped slowly to savor all that complex intensity.  This spirit is made with locally roasted and freshly-ground coffee, laced with cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks.  The result is a...