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JacquessonChampagne Avize-Champ Caïn
Chardonnay from Champagne, France
Very limited. Please inquire. Jacquesson began producing a NV blanc de blancs from its Avize holdings in the late 1940s. When the Chiquet brothers took over, one of their first decisions was to make this a vintage bottling. This enabled them to make a better wine and freed up a terrific source of...
94 JGSustainable
JacquessonChampagne Cuvee 738 Degorgement Tardif
Chardonnay from Champagne, France
From Jacquesson: "2010. Winter and spring were cold and dry, the first part of the summer was fine but the end of the season was cooler and showery. After sorting, the harvest was perfectly adequate resulting in elegant wines, fine and fresh, with the chardonnays to the fore."
94VM, 93JGSustainable
JacquessonChampagne Cuvée 742 Extra Brut
Chardonnay from Champagne, France
The blend is 59% Pinot Noir and Meunier (from Aÿ, Dizy and Hautvillers) and 41% Chardonnay (from Avize and Oiry). Based on the 2014 vintage. Dosage is 1.5 grams per liter.
94VM, 93WSSustainable
JacquessonChampagne Cuvee 743 Extra Brut
Chardonnay from Champagne, France
The Chiquet brothers are incredibly excited about the 743 and believe that it may be their best release in the 700-series to date, " 2015, our harvest from Ay, Dizy and Hautvillers (60%) Avize and Oiry (40%). Winter and a large part of spring were mild and wet. There followed a period of dry...
JacquessonChampagne Dizy-Corne Bautray
Chardonnay from Champagne, France
VERY LIMITED. Please Inquire. During the 1990s the Chiquets were improving their farming and re-discovering their terroirs. Their one hectare of Corne Bautray Chardonnay way up on top of a hill above Dizy particularly impressed them in the harvest of 1995, and they made an experimental cuvée from...