Billards, Domaine des

Domaine des Billards

Situated at the mid-point of the sloping vineyards of Saint Amour, the Domaine des Billards belongs to the Barbet and Teissier families. This domaine has a long and storied history: an ancient parchment order book still in the family’s possession shows a number of prestigious customers in Paris in the 18th Century, among them a sale in 1774 of ten barrels to Marquis Turgot, Louis XVI’s Finance Minister.

Today, they produce around 6,000 cases annually from their five hectares. The soil is composed of sandstone pebbles underlying granite outcroppings at a depth of 50 centimeters to one meter and beneath that, layers of clay. Farming is very traditional and natural, with no use of herbicides. The soil is regularly ploughed to develop the biodiversity: the Domaine des Billards is today a paradise for worms and beetles! The traditional winemaking process lasts between 12 to 15 days and the use of a weighted grill to keep the “crust” submerged in the fermenting juices leads to a gentle extraction of tannins. Aged in large tonneau.

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Saint-Amour (Barbet)
The traditional vinification lasts between 12 to 15 days; they use a weighted grill to keep the “crust” submerged in the fermenting juices... Read More