Russell Henry Gin

Another gin? Sure, there are a lot of gins out in the market, but Ansley Coale from Craft Distillers and Crispin Cain from Tamar Distillery thought there was a lot of room for improvement. Among them, they have some 50 years thinking about and distilling craft-method spirits. One of the things they wanted to do was figure out how to distill a real-fruit gin, one that would include genuine flavors, instead of having them added. Did it work? Here’s what Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal had to say: “Entry is delicate, gently bittersweet, herbaceous, at the last a touch juniper-like; mid-palate features more ginger, no paucity of juniper, coriander, rose petal, or angelica. Finishes like silk in the throat. Delicious. Highest recommendation” The method is infusion and redistillation, using both a small Holstein potstill and the Germain-Robin 16HL antique cognac still. The infused botanicals include juniper, coriander, orris root, and lemon peel. For the real-fruit versions, Crispin uses the leaves and fruit of the limau purut, a deep-flavored lime native to Malaysia, and Hawaiian ginger sourced from an organic grower on Kauai.

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London Dry Gin The botanicals include juniper, coriander, orris root, andlemon peel. This is extraordinarily appealing gin; the old cognac still lends its... Read More United States California

Hawaiian Ginger Gin Infused/distilled with Hawaiian white ginger from an organic grower on Kauai. True ginger heat: cocktails made with this gin are unreal.   United States California

Malaysian Lime Gin Infused/distilled with the leaves and fruit of the limau purut, a lime native to Malaysia. Best gin & tonic ever.   United States California

Dark Gin Aged for a year in oak; a genuinely astonishing product. Only 100 cases have been released.   United States California

Gin Combo Pack (6/750) Two bottles each of London Dry, Hawaiian Ginger, and Malaysian Lime   United States California