Nadia Verrua of Cascina Tavijn works only with Barbera, Grignolino and Ruché, the latter two being native ignominous varieties of the area that have seen a small, cultish rise in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Grignolino is a grape that makes a pale, light red of garnet color and, when finely made, shows the characteristic amarena (bitter cherry) flavor that goes so well with lighter first courses of dried sausages and hard cheeses, like well-aged asiago. Ruché, on the other hand, produces a wine of saturated purple with plum notes and rose-petal aromas. It is made to be drunk young and, again is a perfect wine for salumi, dried meats like bressaola or dried cacciorini and hard, aged cheeses.

Nadia uses traditional techniques to produce the wines. The grapes are hand harvested and vinifed in large casks, or botti, of Slavonian oak. At the moment she does a light filtration at the insistance of her enologist and bottler, but we are hoping to convince her to forgo this in future vintages. She seems somewhat agreable on this. Her mother, on the other hand, is all for it.

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Teresa Ruche
Tavijn Ruche
100% Ruche. Named for Nadia's mother Teresa, who still works the vines full-time along with Nadia's father Ottavio (for whom the Grignolino... Read More
Italy Piedmont

Bandita Barbera d'Asti (B Denominata)
Tavijn Barbera
100% Barbera.
Italy Piedmont

G Punk Grignolino Ripasso (2015) Tavijn Grignolino
100% Grignolino. The starting point of G-Punk is Tavijn's basic Grignolino (named Ottavio for Nadia's vigneron father who still... Read More
Italy Piedmont

Ottavio Grignolino
Tavijn Grignolino
100% Grignolino. Tavijn's Grignolino  is named Ottavio for Nadia's vigneron father who still works the vines along with her mother... Read More
Italy Piedmont