Bitters, Amaro & Liqueurs

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Amaro Digestif The tradition of Amari is long and storied. Originally produced as a health tonic, while they are still used as a digestif, they are now... Read More

Amèr Rum liqueur This liqueur breaks from traditional rum liqueurs, both in style and alcohol content.  Bottled ~42%, our Amer features complex notes both... Read More

Burrone Fernet A bitter liqueur distilled from a base of Montana grains which incorporates a unique blend of herbs and spices including chamomile, myrrh,... Read More

Ibisco Bitter This aperitif is distilled using fresh grapefruit peels and coriander. Made from a corn base and colored with the traditional cochaneal... Read More

Pumpkin Spirit Seasonal and scarce. This is a distillation of a local brewery’s pumpkin lager; the recipe was used by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.   

Revolution Coffee Liqueur This is their first collaboration with Buffalo's own Public Espresso. Filled to the brim with complex roast notes and rich dark chocolate,... Read More

Single Hop Spirit Done in collaboration with a different New York State brewery each year, this spirit bridges the gap between craft brewing and distilled... Read More

Tiber Bitters A blend of bitter, citrus, spice, and ginger. Named after Rome’s great river and Washington’s own Tiber Creek, our Aperitivo is inspired by... Read More

Turkish Coffee Liqueur Turkish coffee is a centuries-old tradition: it’s a rich, deep, and dark coffee with a little sweetness and spice, sipped slowly to savor... Read More

Xila: Licor de Agave 7 Notas In the course of her research, Hillhamn became passionate about mezcal and realized that there was not a flavored mezcal liqueur. “There... Read More