Derra McLawhorn

Customer Service

Iʼm a native New Yorker; I grew up in Queens, the youngest of 3. As a little girl I never knew the answer to when someone would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up... Iʼd always have this blank stare on my face and give a simple shrug. After having been in customer service for a few years, I knew working with people was easy for me, so the next step was finding a field I really enjoyed. 

Being a young adult in this fast-paced city, trying figure out life, I started working for an importer/distributor of wine, spirts and beer in Long Island, and thatʼs where the sparks started to fly! The ins-and-outs of wine and spirits distribution was fascinating to me, so I knew this was the industry I wanted to focus on.

Itʼs safe to say Iʼm glad I came across Bowler, because here is where I plan to stay! ;)