Jehan Hakimian

National Sales-West

Born into a merchant marine family on both sides, travel is written into Jehan's DNA. At 12, after having grown up on both coasts, he moved to Argentina where he was first exposed to the world of wine. He worked his first harvest in Calchaqui valley near Salta at 15, which would prove auspicious. Upon his return to the U.S., Jehan got his start at a small Spanish and Portuguese retail importer called The Spanish Table in Berkeley, where as a buyer he went through the institution of Iberian wines. This would eventually lead to a professional life on the other side of the table in sales where he has thrived ever since.

He has managed to fit in a few other interests along the way: snowboard instructor in Lake Tahoe, line cook, soccer coach, co-owned a catering company, played bass in a funk band, and worked with a non-profit company called WAVE (Women Aloud Videoblogging for Empowerment). In his spare time, Jehan tries his hand in making experimental wines with a couple of friends, who together own a wine label called Los Chuchaquis out of Santa Cruz, CA.