Aged Reserve Rum Nikte

El Salvador
San Salvador

Ron Cihuatán Nikté is a limited edition rum crafted as an homage to teh mystique of Kay Kikté, the Mayan festival of flowers. The Maya once carefully collected for Kay Nikté and still grow in the Cihuatán valley. A blend of rum, aged in American oak ex-bourbon and new American oak barrels. Only 17,914 precious bottles of this rum will be released globally. To create this rum, Gabriela Ayala, Cihuatán’s Master Blender, was inspired by the mystical Queen of the Night, also known as Sac Nicté in Nahuat (“sac” means white). This elusive flower blooms for only one night, filling the air with its enticing aroma of raw honey and jasmine. It wilts before dawn. In Nikté, Gabriela captured the unforgettable experience of witnessing the queen’s fleeting bloom. ABV 47.5%

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