Amèr Rum liqueur

United States

This liqueur breaks from traditional rum liqueurs, both in style and alcohol content.  Bottled ~42%, our Amer features complex notes both on the nose and the palate.  A warm, herbaceous, and luscious mouthfeel on the front end transforms into a balance of floral notes and zesty citrus before finishing out with a prickly pepper bite.

92 points
"Described by the producer as an “Herbal Rum Liqueur,” this spirit is built like a spiced rum but drinks like an herbaceous amaro. Expect a bright tawny hue and fruity aroma that channels juicy lemon and caramelized pineapple. The complex, lightly bitter palate shows chamomile, honey, an intense burst of lemongrass and menthol, and finishes with a burst of citrusy acidity. Made with base of New Orleans rum steeped with nearly two dozen herbs, peels, roots and spices."
Wine Enthusiast
, May 2019

Product Line: 
Bitters, Amaro & Liqueurs