Arcese Bianco


Arneis/Cortese/Sauvignon Blanc plus Favorita and Vermentino. The name "Arcese" is a whimsical mash-up of the first letters of Arneis and Cortese, historically the base of this field-blend white.  Cortese and Arneis are well-known, classic Piemontese varieties, in Gavi and the Roero hills respectively; also native to Piemonte, Favorita flies under the radar and is generally blended, adding a bright, citric tang. Less expected in this zone are the Vermentino, which adds freshness, and Sauvignon Blanc, which adds structure. The exact make-up varies with the vintage. The different varieties are mainly co-planted and thus are co-fermented. They are destemmed and gently pressed, then fermented spontaneously with indigenous yeasts in concrete tank without the addition of sulfur.  The wine goes through malolactic fermentation and ages on its lees for up to a year in concrete tank. It is bottled unfiltered with a minute amount of sulfur and with a small amount of residual sugar, allowing for a final bit of fermentation which adds a lift of CO2 to the wine upon opening, an intentional effect.

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