Bourgogne Aligoté "Quatre Terroirs"


2018 was a warm year, but aligoté takes heat really well. It reaches full maturity at 11.5% - 12% potential alcohol. You don't necessarily feel that 2018 was a warm year when you taste this wine. Chevrot's aligoté comes from four parcels planted in 1970 and 1984. Two parcels have a gravel terroir and the other two have a sandstone terroir. The sandstone gives a smokey characteristic to the wine. Many people mistakenly believe that this smokey note comes from oak, but this wine is made in entirely in stainless steel. There are two main types of aligoté, aligoté dorée and aligoté vert. Dorée is the older of the two and thought to be more complex than the vert, which has higher yields. But for Chevrot, both types have good qualities. The "Quatre Terroirs" is 50% aligoté dorée and 50% aligoté vert. The dorée gives aroma and an oily texture and the vert brings acidity and salinity. The "Quatre Terroirs" is a great expression of how the two aligotés are complimentary in the hands of the right grower. 


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