c2 Baga


Old vines of Baga from "Quinta das Cozinheiras" a vineyard located 5 miles from the Atlantic coast in Figueira da Foz, north of Lisbon. The 50-year-old clay/limestone vineyard is a co-plantation of whites and reds, with Baga being the predominant grape.  The varieties are co-fermented in cement with nearly 30% being white grapes (Maria Gomes and Arinto). Aged in in old French barrels, this is naked Baga, firm and mineral; a perfect example of an Atlantic wine, with the typical Portuguese characteristics of acidity and minerality.   Clay/Limestone The 50 year old vineyard is a co-plantation of whites and reds, with BAGA being the predominant grape. Some of the whites are Maria Gomez (also known as Fernao Pires) and Arinto. Everything was co-fermented from wild yeasts for a month in cement, with a subsequent month of maceration. It stayed in 5 year old Burgundian barrels for 2 years.

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