Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast

United States
A concentrated wine, yielding ripe flavors or rhubarb and plum as well as anise and bell pepper, with savory notes of cocoa and mocha. Full-bodied and rich on the palate with polished, integrated tannins and excellent structure.
About the Winemaker
Reed Renaudin earned his stripes in the California wine industry not only through working with established vineyards in some of the most famous wine regions, but by finding remarkable grapes from lesser-known appellations as well. For this bottling, he found excellent fruit from a stellar vineyard that has produced noteworthy wines for years.
The 35-acre vineyard is more than a decade old. The vines are set to canes on St. George rootstock, and include a mix of clones best suited to a variety of volcanic soil types. Good drainage and rocky soils help to naturally limit the vegetative vigor of the vines to ensure clusters of smaller, more flavorful berries.
Renaudin personally oversees harvest, which is conducted by hand by seasoned vineyard workers. The skilled harvesters pick only fully ripe clusters that are free of any blemishes, and are careful not to damage any of the fruit.
The grape clusters are gently crushed to release a small amount of juice to help start fermentation. The wine ferments in steel tanks, but is pressed before it is completely dry; it finishes in oak barrels. During the 14 months of barrel aging, the wine is racked occasionally to help rid it of sediment and to provide oxygen to help the maturation process.
The finished wine is an excellect example of quality North Coast Cabernet as well as an expression of the characteristics that make this vineyard and this vintage unique. Renaudin has been making wine for more than 20 years, and knows that sometimes the best thing a winemaker can do to reveal terroir in a wine is to take a minimalist approach that simply respects the grapes.

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Cabernet Sauvignon