Carbo IGP Côtes-du-Lot


100% Malbec (aka Auxerrois in local parlance). "Carbo" is indicative of the winemaking technique behind this bottling: carbonic maceration to make the lightest, freshest, most fruit-forward possible version of the traditionally chewy, rustic wine of Cahors. The wine cannot be classifed as Cahors, unlike all of Combel La Serre's other wines, because there is naturally no allowance in the appellation for this very untraditonal take on Cahors. The label indicates the vineyard location in  a homespun way: "la vigne juste derrière chez". It's a single 1.35-hectare plot behind the Ilberts' neighbor Monsieur Carbonier's (the double-entendre of this wine's name is no accident!) house in their home village of Cournou on the Causse, Cahors' limestone plateau. The soils are clay-limestone, typical of the Causse, with a lot of pebbles on the surface. The organically farmed vines average 35 years old and yield 45 hl/ha.

The fruit is hand-harvested as whole clusters and sealed in cement tank covered with CO2 for 6 days to undergo carbonic maceration. After completing fermentation with native yeasts, the wine is aged for a few short months and bottled in March. It's meant to be a vin de soif and lives up to that moniker on its label.

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