Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge 1er Cru Clos St. Jean


Clos-Saint-Jean is a 14.5-hectare premier cru lying alongside the western side of the village of Chassagne-Montrachet, just below the hill at the top of which is the famous quarry of Chassagne. It has existed as a climat  for about 1000 years, making it the oldest in Chassagne, and historically, until relatively recently, was planted mainly to Pinot Noir (that is no longer due, as Chardonnay has taken it over). Morey's small 55-are parcel (a hectare = 100 ares) comprises both old and young vines on a very gentle, southeastern-facing slope of red clay and limestone rocks. The soil is light and drains easily and turns whiter with limestone on higher parts of the hill. The Moreys find that this spot consistently yields fine, elegant Pinot Noir.

Product Line: 
Pinot Noir
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