Elbling Dry


Elbling is enjoying a small renaissance among German importers these days... but we’ve had this grape in our back pocket for years.

A great old Germanic wine grape with a long history traceable to imperial Roman times, it was Germany's most cultivated variety until the early 20th century. Today its range is limited to the cool, steep banks of the Obermosel (southern Mosel) river valley and neighboring Luxembourg—where the Mosel discreetly becomes the Moselle.

Light bodied, low alcohol, and dry as a vodka martini, Elbling is like a Teutonic answer to Muscadet.

It's perfect for chilled oysters, river fish, and light summery fare like salads, raw foods, fresh greens and grains. Inexplicably, it has remained unsung outside its local borders…. until now. Fürst Elbling Trocken is jazzy and expressive, true to the variety and exciting to drink with just 10.5% alcohol and a rapier-like 7.5g acidity. Dressed elegantly in a black and white LITER BOTTLE (designed by Michael Furst's sister), it’s the quintessential summer party drink and a no-brainer by the glass.  

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