Elda (Schiava)


85% Schiava/15% other. Schiava is a thin-skinned grape native to the Alto Adige, also known locally as Vernatsch. Nusserhof has a steep hillside plot of 90-year-old, pergola-planted Schiava vines on porphyry-rich  volcanic soils a few kilometers from its home property. There are other vines mixed into the planting, some of them identified (probably Lagrein and Merlot) and many of them not (various white and black grapes); everything is harvested and vinified together. The fruit is organically farmed, harvested by hand and destemmed. Fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts and the maceration lasts for up to a month. The wine is aged in French oak botti for 2.5 years and then in bottle for at least two more years before release. Heinrich Mayr named the wine for his wife Elda. Because the wine is classified as a Vino Rosso, there is no vintage displayed as such on the label, but it appears in fine print as a lot number.

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