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In 2012, Agnès met Elisabetta Foradori, who makes wine from the local Teroldego in the Italian Dolomites, notably in amphora.  Agnès said that the first wine she tasted from Elisabetta was a white made in amphora and it gave her “the sensation of touching a truth that resonated in me, a wine that flowed like water, that spoke to me of something other than wine,” (Le Rouge et le Blanc, Summer 2016). Elisabetta confessed that she is a huge fan of Mourvèdre and that it would be very interesting to try Mourvèdre made in amphora. Agnes’ curiosity was piqued and in 2013, Domaine de la Tour du Bon bought some amphorae and set out to make its first amphora wine. 

She chose only Mourvèdre from her best parcels: Saint-Ferreol with 50-year-old vines and l’Ensoleillade with 25-year-old vines. The grapes ferment and age on the skin and seeds for six months and then are pressed and aged further in tank. Agnès is especially enjoying this method of fermenting and aging wine because she finds that clay allows the fruit to be more communicative– perhaps there is a natural affinity between the grapes and this earthen vessel? The amphora preserves the fruitiness of Mourvèdre, mellows the tannins, and keeps a higher level of acidity. Because the wine is not aged in wood, it is not permitted to be sold as Bandol, and so carries the IGP Mediterranée appellation.

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