Fleurie "La Griffe du Marquis"


100% Gamay. Being on the border of the Moulin-à-Vent cru, the core of Roilette’s Fleurie terroir is atypical of Fleurie, rich in clay and the mineral manganese instead of being all granite; the wines are thus more structured than many Fleurie wines. Most of the oldest estate vines, at around 80 years old, go into the Cuvée Tardive bottling; a portion of this elder parcel goes into the Griffe du Marquis, Roilette’s only barrique-aged wine.

As on the rest of the estate, these old vines are farmed sustainably by lutte raisonnée and the soils worked by hand, only twice a year and very carefully in order to not do damage to the old roots. The fruit is manually harvested and fermented in whole clusters with native yeasts in open-top, neutral vats with the cap kept submerged; the maceration for Griffe is approximately two weeks. Aging takes place in 2-to-8-year-old barriques. The wine is released later than the rest of the line-up, so it is always one vintage “behind” their current releases. Griffe du Marquis is also by far the smallest production of all Roilette wines.



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