Garnacha de Altura


The second release of this wine from Sandra which shows a real increase of quality from the last vintage (not to say the previous vintage wasn't also spectacular). Vines are planted 700 meters altitude, which is relaitvely high for the region on an organicly farmed vineyard. In the Rivas de Tereso, where the wine is made, vines are on average about 70 years old. Combine these factors in additon to limestone soils create a wine that is completely indicitive of the region. Grapes are hand picked around October and under go spontaneous fermentations in old, used foudres and clay anphora. Wines are unfiltered with no clarification and very little sulfur. 

Many claim this is the "Pinot Noir of the South."

97 points
"This is the second vintage of a wine that was the red discovery of the year in my 2020 report and it's even better than the first release, taking its place among the best Garnachas in Rioja. The vines are planted at 700 metres and have produced something with intensity, grace, purity and palate length. Truly the Pinot Noir of the south. 2024-31 "
Tim Atkin,
2021 Rioja Report
, February 2021

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