Gorda Blanca


Moscatel de Alexandria/Torontel/Corinto (Chasselas)/Cristalina (Semillon). Luyt sources the fruit from the village of Guarilihue in the Bío Bío region, from a single vineyard of 250-year-old, ungrafted, dry-farmed vines in granitic red clay soils, farmed without chemicals and entirely by hand. The fruit is hand-harvested and sees a 4-day maceration with the skins in stainless steel. It is then pressed and left to age on its gross lees for about 6 months in tank. There is no sulfur added at any stage and the wine is bottled without fining or filtering (note: stand/store the bottle upright to allow sediment to slip to the bottom). Dry, crisp, floral, refreshing wine. It is named "Cuvée Benoît" for Louis-Antoine Luyt's oldest son.

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Muscat of Alexandria
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