100% Cortese. Stefano Bellotti has consistently run afoul of the Gavi DOCG rules by pursuing a very natural approach to the growing and making of his wine. As often as his Gavi vineyard wines were blocked from the official classification, he decided in the 2015 vintage to quit submitting them and renamed his wine "IVAG", Gavi spelled backwards, as an indication of his thoughts on the worth of the Gavi rules (which hew toward more conventional wines). IVAG comes from wild and beautiful vineyards, three different parcels which are farmed biodynamically, scattered about the rolling hills of Gavi on limestone-rich red clay soils. In the cellar, the fruit is wild-yeast-fermented with zero sulfur, aged for a year in old botti and bottled unfiltered in May after the vintage. IVAG's tendency toward a rich golden color and flavor, as well as its slightly cloudy appearance and earthy aromas, set it apart from the average Gavi.

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