Jose Mango Distillate



From the Villa Hildalgo Yalalag. after a 4 day roast the mango is crushed with wooden mallets and naturally fermented in Clay pots. Distilled 2 twice on Clay stills.

Jaime Morales Aquino
Jaime Morales Aquino is from Villa Hidalgo Yalalag, which sits 3 hours northeast of Oaxaca Centro in the lush Sierra Norte of Oaxaca. His Zapotec roots and customs are what appear to navigate him through life, to have shaped his values, and to guide all his decisions. With both his fermentation and distillation executed in clay, Jaime makes small batches of about 40 liters just 3 – 4 times a year. When in season, he also makes a delicious destilado de mango and de ciruela (plum), just as his ancestors did with the surplus of fruit available to them in the mountains.

Product Line: 
Eau de Vie (Brandy)