Teerenpeli Distiller's Choice KASKI is matured only in selected sherry casks. 43% ABV. The name KASKI is derived from traditional Finnish farming vocabulary, meaning swidden or burn-clearing. This is the first phase of cultivation - a new beginning as well as Teerenpeli Kaski is the first of Teerenpeli Distiller's Choice-series. Teerenpeli uses 250 l and some 128 l first fill sherry casks for KASKI. The sherry used are Pedro Ximenes and Oloroso. These barrels are sourced mainly from Cordoba region in Spain
.Although, there is a non-age-statement in KASKI, the maturation time for the casks used for KASKI are matured around 6 yrs.

90 points
""Matured in carefully selected casks. Color of roasted brown sugar. The nose is rich and fruity with just a hint of peat. The taste is smooth and flavorful. Quite rich and malty with a delicate touch of peat. This finish is spicy yet smooth with notes of rainy fruitcake and creamy malt.""
New York World Wine & Spirits Competition

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Single Malt