Lagrein DOC Südtirol Rosato Kretzer

Alto Adige

100% Lagrein. From the Mayrs' 40-to-90-year-old Lagrein vines around the winery. The grapes are farmed organically and harvested by hand. The rosato is a 50/50 combination of direct-press and saignée juice, fermented in tank with a pied de cuve made with native yeasts and aged in 20-hectoliter oak botti for at least a year before release (so the vintage is always one behind most of the rosé market). It is deeply colored, full-bodied, soft and spicy, with dark-cherry-cranberry fruit and a mineral spine, drinking more like a light red than most rosé wines.

"Kretzer" is the traditional Tyrolean name for this style, from the German word "kretze" (a woven basket through which the clusters were pushed to destem and press them in a bygone era). It figures prominently on the label as part of the "DOC Südtirol Lagrein Kretzer" language. Nusserhof has to fight for the appellation annually because its rosato has more personality and color than what is deemed "typical"; for instance, the 2018 vintage was declassified to an IGT. 


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