Maranges "Sur le Chêne"


Chevrot owns 4 hectares of Pinot Noir in this climat; he uses only the best fruit for this cuvée. The plots face south and are rich in limestone gravel and sand from granite alteration; in fact, the river la Cozanne, which made this soil, crosses a granitic canyon. 

Fermentation involves only natural yeasts, sees no added SO2, and there is no cold maceration. Aging begins in barrel and the wine is racked clean and put back into older barrels (5-10 years) in mid-summer, where it is aged until it is racked and blended in December. It stays in tank for one month and is racked one last time the day of bottling (mid-January) in order to have a homogeneous cuvée. There is no fining and no filtration, and the level of SO2 is adjusted to have 0.6 mg of molecular SO2 in order to guarantee a micro-biologic stability. 


Product Line: 
Pinot Noir