Old Vine Carignane Mendocino

United States

The Carignane is created from two very unique vineyards within the Medicino County. First, the Rovera vineyard which is made up of sandy and quartz-flecked soils represents the terroir of the Eastern Redwood valley. Although this is the primary source of the grapes, vines have very small clusters which lead to low yeilds. About 5 tons of grapes were harvested from this area in September of 2016 and these grapes contribute to the red fruit and aromatic taste of the wine.

Next, grapes from the Cemetery Vineyard, another region within Mendocino County, are grown in almost pure gravel, which leads to lower yields as well. In October of 2016, grapes were similarly harvested and destemed.

After spontaneous fermentation, the two varietals are aged separately in 11% new oak for a year before blending. Once blended, wines were aged for another two years before being bottled.

Traditionally Cargnanne is savory and can be on the harsher side but with a gentile extraction process, These grapes bring about a bright red fruit and aromatic taste. Together, the wine has a black fruit aroma with a mineral complexity.

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