The name of this wine— 2015 BC— refers to the number of years that País was being made into wine beforte anyone in Chile had even heard of Cabernet Sauvignon. (There was a bodega making Pais in Portezuelo in 1548.) The name came to them during a talk in London  at the Imbibe Live Seminar: “Chile Before Cabernet”.

For years they watched as the small farmers with whom they produce the parcel wines were forced to accept prices fixed [illegally] by agro-giants far below their costs for working the earth; they created their single-ferment series, a more-affordably priced series of wines, as a dignified means of getting more of their small growers' wonderful fruit made into wine for export. Unlike the parcel-specific wines, the wines in this series include fruit from more than one parcel or vineyard site and are (co-fermented) ¨in one single ferment.¨ Sometimes all the fruit does not enter the tank at same time and they simply stack on top of the fermenting tank when the next fruit is ripe.

The fruit was fermented naturally; caps were punched down by hand and pressing was strictly manual. The wine was aged in neutral oak over one winter, and then bottled in recycled glass. Unfined and unfiltered. 


92 points
"The 2018 País 215 BC Ferment is part of the Single Ferment Series, meaning the wine is produced with fruit from different vineyards (three vineyards and different zones in this case, mostly in Cauquenes, crossing into Empedrado) fermented together, and the 215 BC means the País grape was there 215 years before Cabernet. They decided to develop this series to be able to sell an affordable wine but still pay the growers a decent price for their grapes. The second and third batches of fruit were added when they were ready and put on top of the tank already fermenting. One continuous ferment."
Luis Gutiérrez,
Wine Advocate
, February 2020

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País (Mission)
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