PerCiso Foglia Frastagliata


100% Lambrusco a Foglie Frastagliata. "Ciso" is the nickname for Narciso, the old Trentino farmer whose vineyard both inspired the I Dolomitici collective and who bequeathed his vines to them. His old-school, traditional approach--one free of chemicals and naturally featuring great biodiversity in and around the vineyard--embody exactly what I Dolomitici set out to support and ultimately honor with this wine. There are in this site 727 pergola-trained vines of a local, ancient and nearly extinct red grape called  Lambrusco a Foglia Frastagliata ("jagged leaf"), planted on their own roots in the early 1900's and lovingly cared for all of their long lives by Ciso; I Dolomitici has perpetuated his philosophy in the vineyard (and carried it into the making of the wine, which takes place at Foradori). Interestingly, this particular variety of Lambrusco is truly its own, not matching any of the many sub-varieties found in Emilia-Romagna, and to be clear, the wine made from it here is not sparkling or sweet. Rather, it is a full-bodied, robustly tannic, spicy, savory, alpine-wild style of red. Those few vines yield approximately 250 cases annually, which are the only wine produced for sale by I Dolomitici.

Click here for the I Dolomitici website, including their manifesto and a list of member growers.

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