Pinot Noir "Umino"

United States

Winemaker Notes: This is a deep, wonderfully elegant and concentrated Pinot, densely packed with youthful red fruit and plenty of spice. It offers a focused aromatic display of sweet red currant scents, tied to yellow rose, dried orange zest, pink peppercorn, coriander seed and roasted grain, beneath a subtle veneer of minerality. The flavors are more forthcoming yet, of raspberry and impressions of Asian spice notes. An interplay of richness and zest keeps the finish lively and focused, and all the wines elements find fuller expression and greater harmony with airing. Expect this brilliant young wine to grow significantly grander for the next five years or more.


Vintage Notes: The mild spring of 2011 started the growing season off to a good start however, set was such that the potential yield would be small, very small. The subsequent summer was mild, an indicator for an even growing season. A warm fall with absolutely wonderful early berry flavors teased with possibilities of the best vintage since the incredible 1974. However, rain in late September postponed harvest. Some of our vineyards were ready for harvest, so we went ahead and harvested those, but many were not so waiting seemed to be the better part of valor. Many other wineries picked unripe fruit before the rain but we feel that was a mistake. Due to the extra effort our growers put into each and every vineyard at crucial times like these afforded us the luxury of waiting and we’re happy we did. Those early flavors we liked became even more evident when we finally did harvest.


Product Line: 
Pinot Noir